We’re on a mission to
empower your business.

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive, and that’s why we’re excited to introduce our Partnership Program

Partnership Earnings

At Beyond Affluent, we value the contributions of our partners, and we believe in rewarding your efforts. Our commission structure is designed to provide you with substantial incentives for helping local businesses in historically disenfranchised communities access the funding they need. Here’s how you can earn commissions as our valued partner:

Referral Commissions

For every qualified referral you send our way, you have the opportunity to earn generous referral commissions. When your referred clients successfully secure business funding through Beyond Affluent, you’ll receive a commission based on the funded amount. Our transparent commission structure ensures that your hard work is duly rewarded.

Volume Based Bonuses

We understand that your commitment to helping your community may result in a high volume of referrals. In appreciation of this commitment, Beyond Affluent provides escalating volume-based bonuses. As you boost our network through increased referrals and funded deals, we enhance your bonus rewards to reflect your contributions.

Performance-Based Rewards

We appreciate your efforts in supporting local businesses and contributing to the success of our partnership program. Beyond Affluent offers performance-based rewards to our top-performing partners. These incentives may include exclusive opportunities, recognition, and additional bonuses.

How It Works:

Join our partnership network with ease, get in-depth training on our funding solutions and earn rewarding benefits for every successful transaction.

1. Join Our Network

Signing up for our Partnership Program is easy. Simply fill out our application form to get started.

2. Comprehensive Training

Once you’re part of our network, we’ll provide comprehensive training to ensure you’re well-versed in our funding solutions and processes.

3. Help Your Clients

Use your expertise to guide your clients through the process. Once they’ve completed the program, we’ll step in to help them secure the funding they need.

4. Earn Rewards

As a partner, you’ll earn rewards for each successful funding transaction. The more you help your clients, the more you benefit.

Why Partner with Beyond Affluent?

Transforming Lives

Together, we can make a difference. By partnering with Beyond Affluent, you can be a catalyst for positive change in your community. We’re committed to helping individuals and businesses overcome financial challenges.

Access to Funding Solutions

Our partners gain exclusive access to a wide range of funding solutions. Whether your clients need capital to start a new venture or grow an existing business, we have the financial tools to make it happen.

Personalized Support

We understand the unique needs of your clients. That’s why our partnership program is designed to provide personalized support. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your clients receive the best financial guidance and options.

Ethical and Transparent

Beyond Affluent is built on a foundation of ethics and
transparency. We believe in doing what’s right for your clients and
our partners. You can trust us to provide honest and responsible financial solutions.

Ready to get started?

Fill out our application form today and take the first step toward becoming a partner with Beyond Affluent. Together, we can create opportunities and build a brighter future for small businesses in underserved communities.